Lowongan Kerja Perusahaan Tambang Baru; 16 Posisi

07 April 2008

PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk; 16 positions

PT Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk as a public coal related energy company seeking outstanding individuals to join our team to support our company's growth:

1. Business Process Standardization Manager (BPS)
• S1 Degree in Industrial Engineering, Informatic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Physics Engineering, Mining Engineering or Economic.
• Having 3 years experience as manager and 5 years as Business Analyst.
• Experienced in organizing change management.
• Familiar with mining business process, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), IT methodology and framework.
• Strong skill in project management.

2. Finance Manager (FIN)
• S1 or Master Degree in Finance or Accounting.
• Having 5 years experience.
• Familiar with Financial system and Procedure.

3. Financial Analyst (FA)
• S1 Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration.
• Having 5 years experience in either Coal or Power business.
• Experienced in planning, reviewing and analyzing Business Development Project.
• Experienced in report analysis of Business Development Project.
• Experienced in identifying Business Opportunity and monitoring business trend in Coal and Power Industry.

4. Internal Audit Superintendent (IAS)
• S1 or Master Degree in Accounting.
• Having 4 years experience in preparing audit plan & audit program and conducting audit field work.
• Experienced in preparing audit report and follow up audit progress report.
• Able to handle any relevant ad hoc or consulting task.

5. External Liason (EL)
• S1 Degree in Law.
• Having 4 - 5 years working experience, especially in handling local community claim and issues.
• Experienced in law firm is preferable.
• Familiar in dealing with government officer, NGO and community.
• Having strong personality and good human relationship.

6. Regulation Compliance (REG)
• S1 Degree in Law.
• Having 4 - 5 years experience, especially as legal auditor.
• Familiar with regulation compliance.
• Having knowledge of the latest regulation in mining.
• Having good human relationship.

7. A/P Accountant (ACT)
• S1 Degree in Accounting or Finance.
• Having 1 - 2 years experience as A/P Accountant.
• Responsible for payment scheduling, invoices verification and reconciliation.
• Able to handle supplier/customer complain.

8. Assistance to Sr. Marketing Manager (MKT)
• S1 Degree in any discipline.
• Having 2 years experience in coal / logistic/ shipping industry.
• Good communication in both written and spoken English is a must and preferably Mandarin or Thai as well.
• Experienced in handling admin, contract, tender document & after sales service.
• Responsible in monitoring the operation, sales and shipment.
• Able to manage customer relationship and correspondence with other department.

9. Senior In House Lawyer (IHL)
• S1 or S2 Degree in Law.
• Having 5 years experience in legal department or reputable law firm.
• Having knowledge in corporate and general business laws is a must.
• Experienced in preparing contract drafting and reviewing.
• Familiar with contract monitoring of compliances and management of contracts.
• Experienced in handling corporate and litigation process and disputes relates to operation and business.
• Able to demonstrate extensive legal advices and trainings.

10. Project Administration Manager (PAM)
• S1 Degree in Geology, Mining Engineering, Business or Social.
• Having 10 years experience in handling GA, HR, External Relation, Community Development, Accounting & Finance.

11. Kepala Teknik (KTT)
• S1 Degree in Mining Engineering.
• Having at least 5 years experience as "Kepala Teknik Tambang".
• Having good understanding of Mining Operation.
• Knowledgeable in QSE, Mine Reclamation and Rehabilitation.
• Certified in "Kepala Teknik Tambang".
• Having good relationship/network with government institution.

12. Human Resources Manager (HRM)
• S1 Degree in Law, Management, Psychology or related field.
• Having 10 years experience in handling HR Department (industrial relations, training, recruitment, administration, expat formalities).

13. Overburden Section Chief (OBS)
• S1 Degree in Mining Engineering.
• Having 3 - 4 years experience in Mining Operation.
• Certified in Blasting is preferable.

14. General Affairs Superintendent (GA)
• S1 Degree in Management or related field.
• Having 5 year experience in office management.
• Having knowledge in transportation and accommodation service.

15. General Services Manager (GSM)
• S1 Degree in Management or related field.
• Having 10 years experience in handling General Affairs, Purchasing, IT and Asset Management.

16. Purchasing Superintendent (PUR)
• S1 Degree in Mechanical Engineering or other Engineering major.
• Having 4 - 5 years experience in handling asset management, stock control, mobile equipment, equipment or machinery spare part.

1. Positions 1 - 9 based in Jakarta.
2. Positions 10 - 14 based in East Kalimantan.
3. Positions 15 - 16 based in South Kalimantan.
4. Good communication in written and spoken English.
5. Good interpersonal and organizational skills.
6. Highly self motivated and strong analytical skills.
7. Computer literate (MS Office).
8. Creative, self starter, team player and having self integrity.

Please send your application with a comprehensive CV, a recent photograph, copy of certificate and academic transcript within 2 weeks after this advertisement and kindly mark code of the position applied at the e-mail subject to:

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