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16 Juni 2008

Mining: Job Vacancy

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC); 2 positions


PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) operates a coal mine in Sangatta, East Kalimantan and is one of the largest export coal mines in the world. Coal Production target for 2008 is 46 mtpa and plan are underway for further expansion in 2008 and beyond to bring optimum economic return to the company and its stakeholder.

To support its expanding operations, a number of major infrastructure projects are to be developed and the capacity of existing facilities are to be significantly increased.

Opportunity exist for a seasoned, high caliber, professional to join the Company with job assignment in Sangatta-East Kalimantan for the positions of:

1. Superintendent Emergency Preparedness & Response (Code: EPR)

Key elements of the position include:
• Plan, lead and control in the provision of emergency and rescue response, fire fighting and fire prevention by monitoring daily activities and ensuring appropriate resources are allocated, work standard are being maintained, personnel are appropriately trained in accordance with Company policies, standards and procedures.
• Ensure that quick and effective appropriate action and control of any emergency situation is taken in order to minimize personal injury, property damage and environmental impacts so as to maintain good company image.
• Ensure that schedule is well established and implemented for periodical review of team competencies and inspection of equipment condition.
• Develop plan, co-ordinate and implement the emergency preparedness and response activities between Emergency Preparedness & Response Section and department or contractor volunteer teams in their remote areas to maintain and improve emergency rescue, fire fighting and prevention capacity.
• Ensure that relevant survey is conducted on all site buildings, installations and facilities to determine the availability and adequacy of alarm systems and fire fighting equipment.
• Ensure that the servicing of fire extinguishers, hydrants and alarm systems is well managed to ensure high standards of workmanship and safety are maintained.
• Ensure that regular inspection and checks are performed on all fire protection systems such as deluge systems, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire pumps and water supplies on the Company lease and sub-standard and/or defective systems are repaired at the earliest possible opportunity.

Qualifications & Experience:
• Tertiary qualification S1 degree in related discipline with at least 7-10 years experience in Supervisory/Management role.
• Extensive knowledge, skills and experience in fire fighting and emergency rescue operations; preferably in large mining operations.
• Excellent ability to identify and assess potential emergency situations in various parts of mining operation related processes and to develop appropriate emergency plan.
• Extensive experience in leading operational team; preferably emergency response team.
• Possess a thorough understanding of safety management systems and processes, risk analysis techniques and local government mining regulations.
• Excellent interpersonal communication and presentation skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• High personal commitment to safety and environment.
• Solid analytical and problem solving skills.

2. Superintendent Safety Audit (Code: SAS)

Key elements of the position include:
• Plan and develop safety audit section business plan and budget annually in order to ensure that appropriate strategies and resources are in place which will support the achievement of maximum performance level of safety audit program.
• Develop and implement a staff development program to enhance the safety audit skill as well as general safety knowledge, skill, and experience of the full time and seconded auditors to ensure their level of competency before doing an audit.
• Regularly review the Safety Audit Section performance, in conjunction with Manager, to assess performance against critical task, resources and budget to monitor the effectiveness of the support strategy, cost and ensure that activities undertaken are consistent with Department and Division overall business plan and make changes as required.
• Monitor and communicate to management that a contractor is to be suspended from working within Company lease areas if it is evident from the safety audit result that safety in the contractor has been very poorly managed.
• Provide information to relevant Registered Contractor Custodians on the progress of actions from the audit recommendation, and if a surveillance audit will be conducted.
• Liaise with Managers and or General Managers to ensure that seconded staff is regularly supplied by them.
• Identify, mobilize, coach and management of additional resources as required.
• Coordination with external consultants in conjunction with safety audit program.

Qualifications & Experience:
• Minimum D3/S1 in Occupational Health and Safety Science or S1 degree in mining or relevant subjects with minimum 7-10 years experience in safety related roles within mining industry.
• Extensive knowledge and experience with Safety Management System and sound understanding on the Fatality Prevention Programs.
• Detailed knowledge of internal and external policies, procedures and regulations impacting on safety.
• Sound interpersonal skills and English proficiency.
• Advance reporting and presentation skills.
• Self-motivated and ability to work alone or in a team.
• Ability to facilitate/manage teams in the achievement of common goals.

This is a challenging career prospect and a very competitive remuneration & benefit package will be offered to qualified candidate.

If your background meets these requirements forward your resume (including details of present position & remuneration, your latest color photograph no later than 14 days after the date of this advertisement to the following address:

Manager Human Resources
PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PO BOX 620
Balikpapan 76106, Kalimantan Timur
Or E-mail to: recruitment@kpc.co.id


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