PT. GODERU Rekayasa Solusi; BTS Engineer [Ericsson/Nokia/Siemens/ZTE/Hua Wei]

31 Desember 2007

We are PT. GODERU Rekayasa Solusi (GODERU Solution Engineering), partner of several telecom operators and business groups in Indonesia. Our main business line is in telecom system integration. Having resources of professionals who set the standards with more than twenty years of experience in related disciplines, strategic business partners in Philippines, Australia, Canada and Norway, we are confident to answer any challenge in the telecommunication industry.

BTS Engineer [Ericsson/Nokia/Siemens/ZTE/Hua Wei] (code:BTSE)
(Jakarta Raya - Jakarta Timur)

:: General requirements ::
+ Proficient in English (speaking, listening, writing, reading)
+ Has in-depth knowledge in all telecommunication network system GSM, CDMA and 3G
+ Has basic knowledge in telecommunication project management
+ Understands coverage, frequency and all telecommunication system parameter planning
+ Understands network analysis and network optimization
+ Able to work at heights
+ Willing to work overtime, doesn't crack under pressure
+ Willing to do extensive traveling or be relocated
+ Able to work independently or part of team, strong analytical
+ Computer literate (MS Office, internet, e-mail, etc)
+ Communicative, proactive, well-organized, mature, discipline, achievement-oriented, meticulous
+ Able to join immediately

:: Specific requirement ::
+ Maximum 27 years of age
+ Has S1 degree in Telecommunication from any university
+ Able to perform integration, maintenance, and troubleshooting on BTS equipments
+ Able to perform KPI analysis, traffic analysis and BTS loading
+ Experienced in 2G and 3G GSM also CDMA architecture
+ Proficient with spectrum analyzer, grounding tester, BER test, PathLoss & TEMS
> Fresh graduates/Entry level applicants are encouraged to apply.

Should you have the guts to answer this challenge, please send your resume and cover letter, stating your expected salary to:  with the code of the position as the subject.

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